I Like Big Boats And I Can Not Lie

Featuring Aleutia I have to admit I am feeling mighty cute in this dress and hair and was able to capture the exact vibe I was going for!  This is the Dottie Dress from Aleutia and it is available at Uber.  It comes in 16 single colors, mini packs and a fatpack that includes bonus… Continue reading I Like Big Boats And I Can Not Lie


Thar Be Danger Ahead Matey!

Featuring Serenity Style I love when things happen with perfect timing!  I believe I mentioned that we had made the move and traded in 3 of our parcels for a homestead.  Many of my recent photos have been taken at various spots around the land, some being designed just for the photo but most sticking… Continue reading Thar Be Danger Ahead Matey!


Picnic Serenade

Featuring Serenity Style and The Little Branch   Again I find myself moving slowly away from bikini's and sand and moving towards orange and pink skies and color changing foliage.  I am ready for a nice picnic too.  It is still in the upper 80's/low 90's here in the southern US and that is too… Continue reading Picnic Serenade


Pull Up A Chair

Featuring Soul2Soul, DaD Virtual Living, Luc. Boutique and Serenity Style Even though I am starting to feel the itch of Autumn, I am still loving the summer photos, both fashion and decor.  It's still in the upper 80's and 90's here in Alabama so it definitely still feels like summer!  I finally turned our sprinkler… Continue reading Pull Up A Chair


Beachy Photobombers

Featuring PosEd Poses Advice From A Dolphin Have a playful spirit. Be curious. Find someone you really click with. Sound out new ideas. Find your life's porpoise. Glide through the day with ease. Jump for joy! Today I am blogging a new pose from PosEd Poses.  This new Let's Take a Selfie friend/couple pose is… Continue reading Beachy Photobombers


Life Among the Lilypads

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection I thought my January was going to be filled with pretty winter photos but it seems my mind has other ideas.  I don't think I have done one winter photo since Christmas which pretty much follows my real life thoughts on snow....I love it at Christmas but then I can be… Continue reading Life Among the Lilypads



Featuring [Krescendo] and The Little Branch Well I was reminded early this morning of why I don't miss Michigan winters.  Yes, I miss snow at Christmas but I do NOT miss the cold and it is freezing, literally, here today.  Even the dogs didn't want to go outside this morning. To warm things up a… Continue reading Paradise


Her Name Is Rio

Featuring PosEd Poses and Aphrodite Shop Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand Just like that river twisting through a dusty land And when she shines she really shows you all she can Oh Rio, Rio dance across the Rio Grande Duran Duran - Rio This is exactly where I'm sure we… Continue reading Her Name Is Rio

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A Date With Hot Chocolate

This looks perfect for a winter weekend date.  A walk in the woods, snuggling in a snowy rowboat, making a snowman and sipping hot chocolate.  Too cold you say?  Create your own winter getaway in Second Life, where it only looks cold.  The Snowy Rowboat is new from CHEZ MOI and is available now at… Continue reading A Date With Hot Chocolate