Winter Souls

Featuring {What Next} and The Little Branch Winter perches like a bird.Wings tucked in sothe soul is heard. - Angie Weiland-Crosby - Credits Decor {What Next} {what next} 'Winter' Bridge Sloped Ramp {what next} Kissing Bridge Wall Lanterns {what next} The Kissing Bridge (Winter) The Little Branch @ Uber Crispy Grass {Animated}*Seasons*Soft Norway Spruce Tree {Animated}*4… Continue reading Winter Souls


Make A Wish

Featuring Lyrium Poses Later this month I will hit the two year mark of creating this blog and this post is number 628!!  I always thought I would like blogging but didn't have the time but after working 35+ years I was lucky enough to be able to stop work and start staying home.  I… Continue reading Make A Wish


Fly Away Home

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection and The Little Branch I have always loved Canadian Geese.  Then I was young, and before we moved to a more rural area, there was a park like, partially wooded and grassy area near the courthouse where we could always see them.  It was exciting because that was pretty much the… Continue reading Fly Away Home

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Northern Nights

You know that saying, "Its 5 o'clock somewhere"?  Well, I am pretty certain that its winter somewhere as well so I am not going to apologize for my winter photo.  If I didn't already need a reason to start on winter pictures, Sway's have given me yet another.  She is offering the Snowy Creek Stone… Continue reading Northern Nights