Under A Blanket Of Stars

Featuring PosEd Poses My husband will tell you I am the most competitive person he has ever met and I will admit to being pretty competitive.  I also love a good challenge so when Quistis, the creator of PosEd Poses included a note regarding this pose in Blogotex, I knew I would be giving it… Continue reading Under A Blanket Of Stars


Cocoa Connoisseur

Featuring Serenity Style, |T|L|C| Home Collection, Raindale, L'Meshe, Cinnamon Cocaine, Traditions, Mosquito's Way, Rise Design and NANTRA Chocolate comesfrom cocoa,which is a tree.That makes it a plant.Chocolate is salad. I mentioned the other day that the theme of the current round of The Liaison Collaborative is Bonfire Bash and there were a few different versions… Continue reading Cocoa Connoisseur


After Hours At The Beach

Featuring {Old Barn Door} It's summer and beach photos are all over Facebook and Flickr.  Until now my beach and summer photos have all been sunny and bright but just because the sun sets every evening doesn't mean there is still not fun to be had on the beach. Evening is great for sitting around… Continue reading After Hours At The Beach

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Late Night Visitors

I'm so excited about the Pose Fair coming soon!  I can't tell you how many times a pose has given me the idea for a photo versus having an idea for a photo and trying to find a pose to match.  I love when it happens that way and this latest pose by PosEd Poses… Continue reading Late Night Visitors