Flannel & Felines

Featuring -Pixicat- Well here we are!  Welcome to September!  Pumpkin Spice lattes for everyone!  While it's just the beginning of September, it is almost the end of the Fifty Linden Fridays Birthday Celebration.  The event ends on September 3rd and this will be my final photo with an item available at the event. This time… Continue reading Flannel & Felines


Happy “Mothering” Day!

  Featuring ionic and {Old Barn Door} Mother's Day is a bit bittersweet this year.  It will be the first Mother's Day since my daughter had a miscarriage last October.  It would have been her first child and she was in her fourth month so we thought everything was fine, having cleared that first trimester… Continue reading Happy “Mothering” Day!

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Furry Hitchhikers

Featuring Fashiowl Poses I'm an animal lover, you know, one of those who treats their pets like children.  I talk to my dog all the time and I think that makes them super smart.  My dog has a HUGE vocabulary.  It has been a while since I have had a cat due to my hubby… Continue reading Furry Hitchhikers


Let’s Play HORSE

Remember "back in the day" when we were kids and we played OUTSIDE all day?  I remember running out the door right after breakfast, six or so houses down the block to my best friends house.  I would run up on the porch and cup my eyes with my hands and press my face to… Continue reading Let’s Play HORSE


Wishful Thinking

I don't know about you but I can't pass a fountain of any kind without scouring my purse for a coin so that I can make a wish.  I think these kitties are making their own wish...for a seafood dinner.  This lovely pond and iron garden lantern by Myth are a perfect addition to this… Continue reading Wishful Thinking