Alfresco Summer

ioni Featuring ionic Working on this photo reminind me of some great outdoor lunches I used to have with my co-workers.  I suppose I have finally found something I miss about working. *Laughs* Today I am featuring this wonderful gacha from ionic.  This is the Patio de Colorines gacha and it is available at Equal10. … Continue reading Alfresco Summer


I’ve Got Love On My Mind

Featuring Sway's and DaD Virtual Living Love is in the air...literally!  This adorable Valentine basket from DaD will give you a perfect ending to your Valentine date this February 14th.  After the fancy dinner and romantic dancing you can head back to your place and get your cuddle on in style with the Oh My… Continue reading I’ve Got Love On My Mind

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Winter Woods

I know, I know!  Here I am posting a winter photo and it's not even Halloween yet!  I do love the beauty of winter and appreciate it more now that I live in a state where it rarely snows enough to make even a dusting.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to live where… Continue reading Winter Woods


Splendid Nature

I was admiring the beauty of nature this morning, anticipating the arrival of fall and wanted to recreate the picture in my head, mostly hoping to capture the calm beauty of the day.  Vincent van Gogh said it best....."If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere".  Take a moment to lift your eyes… Continue reading Splendid Nature