Pick Your Perfect Pine

Featuring {Old Barn Door}, Shutter Field, Sway's and {What Next} I have to admit I really miss having a live Christmas tree but as I have gotten older it has just gotten a lot easier to handle an artificial tree.  I can put it up all by myself whenever the mood strikes and mine is… Continue reading Pick Your Perfect Pine


Pretty Decorations

Featuring ZK Store, DaD VIrtual Living and Luanes World I got the last of my Christmas packages ready to go this past weekend and by the time you read this, they should be on their way to Michigan.  I can relax about that now and just enjoy the next few weeks at home.  With no… Continue reading Pretty Decorations


Not THAT one! THIS one!

Featuring Rebel Poses at Pose Fair - Winter Holiday My daughter and I used to play a game every year at Christmas time to see who was the first one to spot a vehicle with a fresh Christmas tree tied to the top.  We only did it when we were out together obviously, because there… Continue reading Not THAT one! THIS one!

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My Charlie Brown Tree

I love a Charlie Brown tree...you know, the poor little tree with hardly any needles and saggy branches.  If you decorate it with a joy and love filled heart though, its branches will hold all the weight of the weight of the world no matter how much they sag.  I am decorating this Charlie Brown… Continue reading My Charlie Brown Tree