I’m Gonna Need A Boost!

Featuring {Old Barn Door} These poor pups don't know it, but there isn't any cocoa or anything else that has chocolate in it in their near or distant future.  We all know chocolate can be very dangerous for dogs and that's my PSA for the day!  I am featuring the new Cocoa Stand set from… Continue reading I’m Gonna Need A Boost!


Cocoa Connoisseur

Featuring Serenity Style, |T|L|C| Home Collection, Raindale, L'Meshe, Cinnamon Cocaine, Traditions, Mosquito's Way, Rise Design and NANTRA Chocolate comesfrom cocoa,which is a tree.That makes it a plant.Chocolate is salad. I mentioned the other day that the theme of the current round of The Liaison Collaborative is Bonfire Bash and there were a few different versions… Continue reading Cocoa Connoisseur


A Sip Of Warmth

Featuring Saintstreet and The Little Branch I had so much fun building this scene.  I love to start with a nice base or backdrop and then add all the finishing touches to create a feeling that allows the viewer to hopefully be transported to the location....or maybe I am the only one who does that..LOL.… Continue reading A Sip Of Warmth


Dog Gone Good Cocoa!

Featuring Sway's for Fifty Linden Friday Happy Friday everyone!  We have another great round of shopping to do for Fifty Linden Friday and you don't want to miss the item offered at Sway's.  It's the Leora Kettle and Mugs.  The kettle and mugs come on the wood slice tray and are available in 3 options;… Continue reading Dog Gone Good Cocoa!

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Reindeer Games

Spinning off the idea of my Frosty tribute picture I thought it only fair that Rudolph get a shout out too and so much of my cute decor from Sway's fit right in with the feeling of the movie. Sway's has a great Advent Calendar going and if you have not started it already I… Continue reading Reindeer Games