Doorway In Bloom

Featuring Doe, Savin, ERSCH, WarPaint and MIDNA Once again all of my featured items are from Cupid Inc. so if you haven't been and figured you missed it because Valentine's Day is over, think again!  There is plenty of adorable things that are totally appropriate for year round use.  Check my credits for all of… Continue reading Doorway In Bloom


Kindness Is Like Coffee

Featuring Vinyl Apparel Kindness is like coffee.It awakens your spirit and improves your day.Fill your cup with both. Today I am featuring a new release from Vinyl Apparel.  It was quite a coincidence because I had just been going through my inventory trying to find a pair of shorts and leggings that worked together with… Continue reading Kindness Is Like Coffee


Good Morning World

Featuring Vinyl Apparel Most mornings I am definitely a morning person.  I wake up easy and I wake up chipper.  There are those rare occasions where I can't seem to snap out of it without coffee though.  I do usually have a little coffee every morning but mostly because I like it...not because I need… Continue reading Good Morning World


Coffee…With A Side Of Love

Featuring Barley Home & Decor, Sway's and {Old Barn Door} This is going to be my second post of the day but I couldn't hold it until tomorrow because a couple of the items are on sale for Fifty Linden Friday and I don't want you to miss them....especially because they are just in time… Continue reading Coffee…With A Side Of Love


A Sip Of Warmth

Featuring Saintstreet and The Little Branch I had so much fun building this scene.  I love to start with a nice base or backdrop and then add all the finishing touches to create a feeling that allows the viewer to hopefully be transported to the location....or maybe I am the only one who does that..LOL.… Continue reading A Sip Of Warmth

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Cabin Coffee

Featuring [Krescendo] and *SK* Having lived in Michigan most of my life, there were plenty of trips "up north".  A few of my friends had cabins and most every summer we would pack up and head north for a weekend of camping and canoeing.  Some of us preferred to pitch our tents, some had trailers… Continue reading Cabin Coffee


Spice is Nice

It's that time of year again people!  Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING is about to flood grocery stores, coffee shops and will even be showing up front and center on apparel in Second Life as well as your "real life" neighborhood.  PosEd Poses has a new group gift out to celebrate the return of "spice" to your… Continue reading Spice is Nice


Coffee on the Porch

Good morning and happy weekend!  I just love hot coffee on a cool morning...and if you can sit outside an enjoy it with a view, even better. I hope you can all find a few extra minutes this weekend to enjoy your favorite beverage, in your favorite chair, with a gorgeous view.  This photo was… Continue reading Coffee on the Porch