These Arms of Mine

Featuring Sari-Sari As bloggers, our job is to showcase our sponsors creations in, hopefully, eye-catching photos.  Items need to be clearly visible, not pushed to the background or blurred.  Poses should only be slightly altered if at all and colors should not be changed in editing...goodness knows windlights can do that enough.  All of that… Continue reading These Arms of Mine


You Make It Feel Like Christmas

Featuring ViSion and Poses by Dean Bourne I want to thank the storm that brought the snowThanks to the string of lights that make it glowBut I wanna thank you, babyYou make it feel like Christmas It barely took a breath to realizeWe're gonna be a classic for all timeI wanna thank you, babyYou make… Continue reading You Make It Feel Like Christmas


Almost Paradise

Featuring ZK Store and PosEd Poses I thought that dreams belonged to other men 'Cause each time I got close They'd fall apart again I feared my heart would beat in secrecy I faced the nights alone Oh, how could I have known That all my life I only needed you? Oh Almost paradise We're… Continue reading Almost Paradise


Adore You

Featuring Ana Boutique at Pose Fair Baby, baby yeah, are you listenin'? Wondering, where you've been, all my life I just started living Oh, baby are you listenin' oh? When you say you love me Know I love you more When you say you need me Know I need you more Boy I adore you,… Continue reading Adore You


Not THAT one! THIS one!

Featuring Rebel Poses at Pose Fair - Winter Holiday My daughter and I used to play a game every year at Christmas time to see who was the first one to spot a vehicle with a fresh Christmas tree tied to the top.  We only did it when we were out together obviously, because there… Continue reading Not THAT one! THIS one!


The Perfect Seat

Featuring PosEd Poses and Aphrodite Shop There are so many things about this photo I love.  I don't do many couple photos but that doesn't mean I don't love them.  My hubby just doesn't have the patience and I am picky and a bit of a perfectionist...at least as much as my current skills allow. … Continue reading The Perfect Seat

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My Soft Place to Land

A soft place to land...we all need one.  I have a great one in my husband.  Now don't get me wrong, sometimes he's as soft as a brick if you know what I mean but that is to be expected in any relationship.  Not every day is perfect and there are times he makes me… Continue reading My Soft Place to Land