Makin’ Waves

Featuring Navy & Copper, Ghoul, FREME and Lyrium I never like to just post credits and run but it has to happen! I am SUPER busy with RL work and am currently on day 6 of what will be 13 days in a row! Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer temps as we head into… Continue reading Makin’ Waves


Burnt Autumn

Featuring Bricolage November at its best -With a sort of delightfulmenace in the air. -Anne Bosworth Greene Credits What I’m wearing Victoria’s Standards Hair – Tram– L1108 @ Collabor88 Dress – Cynful - Empress Maxi Dress Pose Stun Poses – Gomez – Pose 3 Decor Bricolage - Olive Tiger Chair Soul2Soul - Japanese Acer. Osakazuki Architect.  – De Castelli… Continue reading Burnt Autumn



Featuring  Bunyi & Thistle, ChiMia, MudHoney, Mithral Apothecary, Pitaya, Second Spaces, *barberyumyum*, Cynful, Maxi Gossamer and Lyrium There's a reasonwe don't see theworld in blackand white. - Celerie Kemble And just like that, I am back from "vacation".  I had a lovely time in Michigan and leaving was so bittersweet.  I love the things I… Continue reading Colorburst


Little Black Book

Featuring [Krescendo], ZK Store and  Sweet Art One of the things I am blogging today is the Sugar Suite Gacha set from Krescendo.  One of the items in the set is a little black book, that is actually not very little and that got me thinking about the history of the "little black book".  We… Continue reading Little Black Book


Holiday Baking

Featuring MudHoney, [Krescendo] and Aphrodite Shop Holiday baking.  Do you do this?  Are you the baker or the eater...maybe both?  My husband doesn't care for sweets (crazy, I know!) so I don't do a lot of holiday baking.  His children (14 and 25), my bonus children, are coming for Christmas this year so I will… Continue reading Holiday Baking

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Fresh Powder

Featuring *Kate* Jewelry & Lyrium Poses Ask around in the skiing community and I am sure you will hear varying definitions of the term "fresh powder" and its been MANY years since I was on a pair of skis, mostly because I just wasn't that good at it and my desire to learn something that… Continue reading Fresh Powder

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Brighter Than Sunshine

Happy Friday everyone!!  Time to start your shopping list for the Saturday Sale that is just around the corner.  You won't want to miss these fab sunglasses by Fetch...so cute!!  I love the shape of the frame and they come with a texture hud so you can choose from 9 great colors and 2 metals… Continue reading Brighter Than Sunshine

General Blog Posts

I Scream, You Scream!

From the title, it sounded like this blog was going to be about Halloween but I tricked you.  I think we all know the little rhyme "I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ice cream"  and if you are looking for something to scream about, let me remind you the Hair Fair is only… Continue reading I Scream, You Scream!


Brain Freeze

Sunny afternoon to you all!  I spent today doing some exploring of SL beaches.  This shot was taken at Adele.  It's a great island with plenty of water for cooling off and lots of nooks and crannies for relaxing in the shade....and of course a tasty popsicle helps! {Style Credits} Body – Maitreya Lara Shape… Continue reading Brain Freeze