It’s Always Summer Somewhere

So...I'm not featuring any sponsored items for this post but what I am showing off is an outfit from Vagrant.  It is also a bit of shameless self promotion because I did apply to blog for them so here you go Vagrant...as Stuart from MadTV would say "look what I can do".  *Laughs"  Several months… Continue reading It’s Always Summer Somewhere


Desert Skies

Featuring Lyrium So I was able to pull on my cowgirl boots again with this cute new outfit from Blueberry and headed over to the Copper River sim, home of the Flourish Sales Studio and Salon 52.  It's a great desert themed sim and perfect for all of those types of photos. My pose is… Continue reading Desert Skies

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Biker Chic

Featuring Meva and Fashiowl Poses If there is such a thing as a glamorous biker chick this is my version.  It's what I call biker chic.  No tattoos, a touch of leather, a little bling..ok..that helmet is a lot of bling, and a splash of sexy.  I know there are tons of tattoo lovers out… Continue reading Biker Chic



The fun thing about Second Life is being able to do things we might not in our real lives.  I usually stay pretty true to my real life self in the game but wanted to try something a little more daring and I have to say this shoot was a lot of fun.  I was… Continue reading Boundries


Starfish, Sharks, Surf and Sand

Today I got lucky and got this adorable Land Shark by Doe, currently at The Epiphany.  I say lucky because I got the Mermaid Scales Rare version on the first pull.  Now, I am not a big gacha person and usually wait until I can find exactly what I am looking for on the market… Continue reading Starfish, Sharks, Surf and Sand