Gardening Is Art

Featuring Serenity Style Gardening is the artthat uses flowers & plantsas paint, and the soil andsky as canvas. - Elizabeth Murray - Credits Decor Serenity Style Akina Garden Plant 1 @ UberAkina Garden Plant 2 @ UberAkina Garden Plant 3 @ UberAkina Garden Pots Shelves @ UberAkina Garden Shed @ UberAkina Garden Small Tree @… Continue reading Gardening Is Art

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Mother of Dragon…flies

Featuring Elle Boutique As you all know, Game of Thrones is EVERYWHERE right now.  My husband and I started it last year and only made it through a couple of episodes before we got sucked in to something else but always knew we would come back to it.  We are almost through season 2 now… Continue reading Mother of Dragon…flies