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Welcome to Fallout

Fallout, Wasteland, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., these are just a few of the post apocalyptic games my husband plays. Myself, I loved Infestation but that has gone through multiple redo's and well, honestly I am not going to play a game where other players kill me and take all my stuff..some of which I may have paid actual… Continue reading Welcome to Fallout


Coffee, Tea or Me?

I am in a couple of Flickr groups that like you to include a song with your picture...a song that inspired the picture.  I don't usually listen to music while blogging and I'm not sure why considering I have playlists on YouTube and Spotify.  While blogging the other day I had my Prince playlist going… Continue reading Coffee, Tea or Me?


Blue Flight

Good afternoon and happy Thursday!  So instead of sim exploring, today I spent some time in a ramshackle photo box I made in the sky and played around with simple backgrounds and color.  I spent toooo long going for perfection...the curse of a Virgo!  All in all I'm happy with this one and will spend… Continue reading Blue Flight