Hot Housewife

Featuring KOPFKINO Yes, trying to clean house and do laundry in the middle of summer even with central air can turn any woman into a hot housewife.  For me the worst thing is having to fold laundry on a hot day when the laundry is still warm...and you have to fold it while it's warm… Continue reading Hot Housewife


Paradise Awaits You

Featuring Nantra, Faida, Iconic and Izzie's Paradise awaits you....at The Liaison Collaborative!  I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago that this round was filled with all sorts of goodies.  All featured items are at The Liaison Collaborative and since today is the holiday I'm going to get straight to the details! I'll… Continue reading Paradise Awaits You

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Barefoot In The Park

Featuring Faida , Fashiowl Poses & Bee Designs Being barefoot is the best!  I can't stand wearing shoes and am usually barefoot or in flip flops...even in the middle of winter here in the southern US.  This cute little pose set comes to us from Fashiowl Poses and is available at Redeux.  It's called  Peaceful… Continue reading Barefoot In The Park


A Berry Nice Day

Before I moved, I used to go pick my own strawberries and if you have never had a sun warmed berry picked fresh off the plant you don't know what you are missing.  I am sure I came out at least 5 pounds heavier due to the "one for the basket, two for my mouth"… Continue reading A Berry Nice Day