Fountain Of Youth

Featuring ViSion, Harshlands and Nantra There is a fountain ofyouth: it is your mind, yourtalents, the creativity youbring to your life and thelives of people you love.When you learn to tap thissource, you will truly havedefeated age. - Sophia Loren - Credits What I’m wearing Victoria’s Standards Hair – Entwined – Drew Dress – ViSion –  Mell Dress… Continue reading Fountain Of Youth


Wild Pink

Featuring Granola., Luc. Boutique and ionic Well, we did it!  We have made it to another Friday.  I am hoping my fence contractors will be here today to finish the fence.  They had gotten all the posts put in but then got behind due to rain.  I haven't been in a hurry because a small… Continue reading Wild Pink

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Wild Wisteria

I love Wisteria and I am lucky to have a few spots near my house where it grows wild.  The vines take over the tree tops, spreading and filling them with dripping purple clusters.  It is considered an invasive species and its seeds are poison but it is beautiful nonetheless and I love seeing it… Continue reading Wild Wisteria