Beachy Photobombers

Featuring PosEd Poses Advice From A Dolphin Have a playful spirit. Be curious. Find someone you really click with. Sound out new ideas. Find your life's porpoise. Glide through the day with ease. Jump for joy! Today I am blogging a new pose from PosEd Poses.  This new Let's Take a Selfie friend/couple pose is… Continue reading Beachy Photobombers

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Getting An Eyeful

I love the way this picture turned out!  Such a fun and original idea for a pose.  I laugh when I look at this picture.  Ciara looks like she sees something she likes while I look like I need to find the nearest eyewash station.  The pose is by shi.s poses and is one of… Continue reading Getting An Eyeful


Hide & Seek

We did it!! My friend (and sometime Motherface) Issy and I managed to finish the Women Only Hunt!  Well technically we missed 2 spots...they were well hidden and our eyeballs had stopped working.  There are a lot of great things in this hunt so you should definitely check it out!  The idea for this shoot… Continue reading Hide & Seek