You Melt Me

  Featuring CandyDoll They just don't make Valentines like they used to!  I have mentioned before that I collect vintage childrens books and other vintage holiday decorations.  I have a small collection of vintage Valentines and I love how they almost always featured inanimate objects with cute little faces and used a play on words… Continue reading You Melt Me

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I Scream, You Scream

Featuring [Fetch] and CAZIMI Recently I discovered Hagendaz Green Tea ice cream and though it may sound gross, especially since I dislike most tea, it is actually delicious.  It's very light, not too sweet and perfect after dinner. Featured here are new Pearlized Nails by CAZIMI and great new flower earrings from [Fetch].  The nailpolish… Continue reading I Scream, You Scream