Sideshow Hustler

Featuring [Krescendo], Juna, ELEMENTAL and Insanya I am a fan of horror movies, everything from the old black and white classics - Dracula, The Wolfman and The Mummy - to the modern stuff.  In October you can always find a horror and/or Halloween movie on TV.  This photo was inspired a bit by the cult… Continue reading Sideshow Hustler

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Ocean Breeze

Featuring Juna at Redeux We are seriously considering renting a houseboat this summer and spending at least an extended weekend on the water, cooking on the grill and soaking up the sun.  My uncle lives on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky and it is just beautiful...and has houseboat rentals!  We are moving next month also though...and… Continue reading Ocean Breeze

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Welcome to Fallout

Fallout, Wasteland, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., these are just a few of the post apocalyptic games my husband plays. Myself, I loved Infestation but that has gone through multiple redo's and well, honestly I am not going to play a game where other players kill me and take all my stuff..some of which I may have paid actual… Continue reading Welcome to Fallout