I’ve Got The World At My Feet

Featuring Consignment Another great piece that you can find at the Fifty Linden Friday 12th Birthday Bash.  I don't know much...ok...anything about meshing but this can't have been easy to do.  I love all of the detail and just left this needed a close up!  It is the City Skyline Coffee Table from Consignment and… Continue reading I’ve Got The World At My Feet


Life Is Short, Paddle Hard!

Featuring {What Next}, Lyrium and MAAI OK, ok! I am super excited with what I have for you today!  As I have mentioned we are now living on a homestead that is a beautiful tropical beach and I have paths of waterways around that were designed for tubing, like a lazy river at your favorite… Continue reading Life Is Short, Paddle Hard!



Featuring ZK Store and Lyrium Poses Exercise?Oh, I thoughtyou saidAccessorize! I am going to keep this very short and sweet today and start taking down my Christmas tree.  I know lots of people leave their decorations up until New Years but I like to get my house back into order before January 1st rolls around. … Continue reading Exercise?


White Hot

Featuring Vinyl Apparel and Lyrium Poses I had a great, lazy weekend and now it's time to knuckle down.  My hubby works for Uncle Sam and they still aren't back to their usual schedule but I should have most mornings to myself and without my stepson here that means having the house all to myself… Continue reading White Hot


Blue Is…

Featuring Barley, ZK Store and Sweet Art Blue Is... Blue is a cloudless sky on a warm spring day. It is tropical water and summer swimming pools. Blue is raspberry slushies and suede shoes. Blue is a soft rain that happens even though the sun is shining. It is old Willow dishes and those favorite… Continue reading Blue Is…

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Taking My Moment

Featuring PosEd Poses The last few days around here have been crazy!  This past Friday morning at 6:30 AM,  our spare bedroom ceiling fell to the floor, the sheetrock soaked from the rain that has been going on for days. A little background...my husbands job was moved out of state a few years back and… Continue reading Taking My Moment