In The Rough

Featuring {What Next} and Ecru Couture I had so much fun playing around with this shot...and isn't that what blogging, or any hobby for that matter, is all about.  Today I am featuring this Wearable Golf Cart from {What Next}.  I love all of the {What Next} wearables because they are so much easier to… Continue reading In The Rough


A Good Home Must Be Made, Not Bought

Featuring Granola A good home must be made, notbought.  In the end, it's not tracklighting or a sun room thatbrings light into a kitchen. - Joyce Maynard Credits Decor Granola Anna Potted EcheveriaStella Lady Vase. Tone1 Beige @ BloomStella Lady Vase. Tone1 Pink @ BloomStella Lady Vase. Tone5 @ BloomStella Table Light @ BloomStella Watering… Continue reading A Good Home Must Be Made, Not Bought


The Whisper Of Dusk

Featuring {What Next}, {Your Dreams}, KraftWork, Urban Jungle and Mithral I have to say I do love how this photo turned out. It seems a shame to tear it down so quickly. but by the time you read this is will have been long gone.  There is always something waiting in the wings to be… Continue reading The Whisper Of Dusk


Warm Spring Breezes

Featuring MADRAS and Fundati Spring will comeand so will happiness.Hold on. Life willget warmer. - Anita Krizzan - Today I am featuring more goodies that you will find in the upcoming Spring edition of Deco(c)rate.  The crate will launch on the 15th so you only have two more days to order yours at the 50%… Continue reading Warm Spring Breezes


A Room Full Of Spring

Featuring Serenity Style & Deco(c)rate Even though spring doesn't officially start until March 20th, we are expecting some great spring like weather here this week.  The forecast is calling for temps in the upper 60's to mid 70's.  Sounds great to me! You can start welcoming Spring now with the Spring Edition of Deco(c)rate!  The… Continue reading A Room Full Of Spring


The Fortune Teller

Featuring Cheeky Pea, Granola and DaD Virtual Living Always remember the answerscome not from the rock, theteacup, the shell, or the cards.The answers come from you. - Gwendolyn Womack -cheeky I will admit it...I am a little in love with this photo.  I look at it and a story fills my head.  I have said… Continue reading The Fortune Teller


Long-Forgotten Places

Featuring Serenity Style and |T|L|C| Home Collection As one by one the scents and sounds and names oflong-forgotten places come gradually back and beckon to us. - Kenneth Grahame- Today I am featuring more great Halloween themed items.  First up is this cute (and creepy) Animesh dog from |T|L|C| Home Collection.  In addition to the… Continue reading Long-Forgotten Places


Bella Notte

Featuring [Krescendo] So my love of Disney is showing again, isn't it?  In case it isn't obvious, this is my recreation of the famous kissing scene from Lady and the Tramp.  Now in the movie they kiss while slurping a piece of spaghetti but I didn't have spaghetti and besides I think my Dust Bunny… Continue reading Bella Notte


Latte Life

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection Well I did some damage while out shopping in Second Life over the weekend and my new friend tagged along the whole way.  When I stopped for a latte after I think he thought he should have gotten one too. My furry friend is a new animesh release from |T|L|C| and… Continue reading Latte Life

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Spring Has Sprung

Featuring [Krescendo] and Tuesdays Spring comes early in the south and it still catches me by surprise even though I have lived here just over 6 years now.  My daffodils have bloomed, redbuds are blooming and trees are budding their little green leaves that will unfurl before we know it. Spring is also a time… Continue reading Spring Has Sprung