A Good Home Must Be Made, Not Bought

Featuring Granola A good home must be made, notbought.  In the end, it's not tracklighting or a sun room thatbrings light into a kitchen. - Joyce Maynard Credits Decor Granola Anna Potted EcheveriaStella Lady Vase. Tone1 Beige @ BloomStella Lady Vase. Tone1 Pink @ BloomStella Lady Vase. Tone5 @ BloomStella Table Light @ BloomStella Watering… Continue reading A Good Home Must Be Made, Not Bought


Warm Spring Breezes

Featuring MADRAS and Fundati Spring will comeand so will happiness.Hold on. Life willget warmer. - Anita Krizzan - Today I am featuring more goodies that you will find in the upcoming Spring edition of Deco(c)rate.  The crate will launch on the 15th so you only have two more days to order yours at the 50%… Continue reading Warm Spring Breezes


Home In Notting Hill

Featuring DaD Virtual Living I found myself trapped in a wormhole again only this time it wasn't YouTube.  It was Google images and now I am dying to go to the Portobello Road street market.  I may have mentioned I was watching Call the Midwife and so many of the old black and white photos… Continue reading Home In Notting Hill


In The Cold Light Of Day

Featuring DaD Virtual Living, Serenity Style and KOPFKINO Christmas may be over but we have a whole lot of winter left.  Thinking about a title for this photo all I needed to do was look up from my desk and take notice of the sunlight streaming through the window.  It is certainly sunny and bright… Continue reading In The Cold Light Of Day


Love Is In The Room

Featuring KraftWork and Granola Love is what's in the roomwith you at Christmasif you stop openingpresents and listen. - 7 year old Bobby - I am enjoying Christmas in Second Life so much that I can't seem to finish decorating my real life tree! *Laughs*  Granted my husband has been off work for a week… Continue reading Love Is In The Room


Dinner For One

Featuring Granola and Lucas Lameth  You know how when someone cooks a big meal and they say "I slaved all day in the kitchen", well...I slaved all day in this kitchen but it was decorating vs cooking! *Laughs*  I love how it turned out though and now I can sit down and enjoy my lasagna,… Continue reading Dinner For One


Carrot Patch Paradise

Featuring [Krescendo] and Sway's It looks like these bunnies have traded in their usual fur for some beautiful Easter finery.  It also looks like someone foolishly placed their hutch in the middle of a carrot patch.  I don't think they are complaining though. All of these bunnies, 12 in total, are from [Krescendo] and are… Continue reading Carrot Patch Paradise


Little Robin Redbreast

  Featuring DaD Virtual Living, ZK Store and Lyrium Poses "Hope" is the thing with feathers - That perches in the soul - And sings the tune without the words - And never stops - at all - - Emily Dickinson Credits What I’m wearing Victoria’s Standards Hair – Tableau Vivant  – Buttercup @ Uber Dress – ZK… Continue reading Little Robin Redbreast


Bumble Bee Cafe

Featuring [Krescendo] and Old Barn Door This whole scene was built around Krescendo's Bumble Bee Cafe sign.  It is part of the Dallas Sign Gacha that was released in April at GachaLand and there are still a few in the set that I plan on doing pictures around. As I started pullings thing out of… Continue reading Bumble Bee Cafe

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Them Hens Is Organised

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection Them hens is organised...the words spoken by Mr. Tweedy multiple times in the movie Chicken Run and organized they were!  Chicken Run is an older stop motion movie, released in 2000 by Dreamworks and it's quite cute and comical. Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy own a chicken farm and when greedy Mrs.… Continue reading Them Hens Is Organised