Satin & Lace

Featuring Ecru Couture What was the point insatin and lace if itdidn't make a manstruggle to speak? - Alexandra Ivy Loving the vintage feel of this new release from Ecru Couture.  Azalee is an off shoulder lace dress that comes in 12 colors, 4 shades and is materials enabled.  There is also a fatpack that… Continue reading Satin & Lace


Hollywood Starlet

Featuring [Krescendo], MudHoney and Diversion Poses I always love when I get inspired by the talented creators of Second Life to do a vintage Hollywood shot.  I love the 40's and 50's era of Hollywood.  The fashion, the art deco decor.  Everything was so glamorous!  Before I get to the credits I thought I would… Continue reading Hollywood Starlet

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Party with the Royals

Featuring [Krescendo] It's not New Year's Eve yet but it looks like the girls are in full party mode.  [Krescendo] has a new Iconic Headband gacha out at Cosmpolitan and these will be great for New Year's Eve.  They can do just about anything except make you a drink.  They are menu controlled for size,… Continue reading Party with the Royals