Vacay Vibes

Featuring ViSion Nothing says tropical vacation to me like a straw hat.  I am not generally a hat wearer, in fact the only time you will see me in one at this time of my life is if it's winter....in Michigan...so let's just say I have not worn a hat in years!  However, years ago… Continue reading Vacay Vibes


Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

Featuring Granola. There have been a lot of light-hearted memes out there trying to make the best of things amid this whole pandemic.  Some of the funniest ones I have seen related to the beauty industry, specifically hair color.  Now I can color my hair on my own just fine and have done so for… Continue reading Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice


Have Surfboard, Will Travel

Featuring Pitaya, Simply Shelby, *who what*, FABIA and Ohemo Mornings like this, I realize how truly blessed I am and when that happens I like to take a moment and just say a few words of appreciation to whoever may be (or not be) listening.  I have a nice home, family I love, plenty to… Continue reading Have Surfboard, Will Travel


Never Trust Alcohol

"Trust me" said the Lemon Shot.  "You can do it" said the B52.  "It's easy" said the Peach Slammer...and finally "You are the dancing queen" said the Tequila Shot.  I have seen some pretty sloppy drunks in my day and while I may not have ever been "sloppy", I will admit to being perhaps a… Continue reading Never Trust Alcohol

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Galaxy Girl

Featuring MudHoney, [Merak] and Belle Epoque I am feeling a little spacey today...or maybe galactic, out of this world even....something like that anyway!  I blame it on all the great things available at Zodiac Event.  This comeback round is really amazing!  This round doesn't end until April 10th so you still have plenty of time… Continue reading Galaxy Girl