Somewhere On Cleveland Street

Featuring KOPFKINO, Serenity Style, The Little Branch, .peaches., DaD Virtual Living and |T|L|C| Home Collection For those of you who don't have any idea what the Cleveland Street reference pertains to, it is from the movie The Christmas Story.  Cleveland Street is where Ralphie, the main character, lives with his parents and brother.  I imagine… Continue reading Somewhere On Cleveland Street


Tale of the Golden Snitch

Featuring Cheeky Pea Grab your wands, broomsticks, potions, robes and spellbooks because Mischief Managed's Wizarding Faire opens tomorrow at 8AM SLT!  If you follow them on Facebook you have seen a sneak peek of some of the great creations that will be available.  If you don't follow them head on over and take a look… Continue reading Tale of the Golden Snitch


Painted Desert

Featuring *SK* and [Fetch] I know I mentioned the other day how much I missed blogging while I was moving and without internet....can I just say it again...I really missed blogging!  *Laughs*  I love building a scene, trying to get all the trimmings and trappings just perfect and complimentary to whatever it is I am… Continue reading Painted Desert

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Ode To October

Well here we are, the end of October.  Halloween will soon be over but that doesn't mean fall is.  Myself and the rest of the talented Second Life bloggers will assuredly continue posting fall/autumn pictures for at least a few more weeks before we move into winter/Christmas shoots.  Featured here are yet more beautiful items… Continue reading Ode To October