November Traditions

Featuring InsurreKtion and Hearth If you live in the US, you probably celebrate Thanksgiving. The history we all learned in elementary school about the Pilgrims and Indians having a peaceful feast may not reflect the actual history but that would be nothing new. As we grow up, and older, I don't think any of us… Continue reading November Traditions


Southern Living

Featuring KOPFKINO and {Old Barn Door} The living may be "southern" but the food appears to be Italian!  Honestly my brain has been a bit scrambled for the past few days and I stole the title from the Southern Living magazine on my desk.  I will be going out of state in early August to… Continue reading Southern Living


The Cactus Crew

Featuring Chez Moi at Tlalli - The Fair Around the World Looks like a photobomb to me!  I was taking a shot of this great assortment of potted cacti when these incognito ducklings showed up.  I think they were thinking I wouldn't notice.  They were so cute I let them stay....everyone needs their 15 minutes… Continue reading The Cactus Crew


Attic Celebrations

Featuring Refuge This was another fun photo to put together.  It started when I was going through items in Blogotex and came across the Eclectic Halloween Gacha set from Refuge and felt a bit of a personal challenge coming on. I said to myself, "Self, it's the middle of summer but what can you do… Continue reading Attic Celebrations


What Goes Around, Comes Around

Featuring [Aleutia] They say what goes around, comes around.  I agree, especially where fashion is concerned.  From bell bottom jeans and platforms from the 70's, to neon colors from the 80's and so much more in between. The Vintage Fair was a perfect example and though it has ended (2 weeks went by so quick!)… Continue reading What Goes Around, Comes Around

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Come Little Children

Come little children, I'll take thee away, Into a land of enchantment. Come little children, the time's come to play, Here in my garden of magic. Sarah's Song From the Film Hocus Pocus {Decor Credits} Featuring Lilith's Den, Z.O.E. & Storax Tree Lilith's Den – Flame Candles (Anniversary Gift)  @ Welcome to Heck Cart Sale… Continue reading Come Little Children