The Way Of Tea

Featuring Chez Moi Doing double duty with a double post today to let you know that Tlalli - The Fair Around the World is back with another round that will open tomorrow.  The theme this round is East Asia featuring inspirations from China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia and Taiwan. This is the Hana Japanese Tea House… Continue reading The Way Of Tea

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Do They Eat Bamboo Too?

Featuring Sway's I'm squeezing in a second post today because I just found out these super cute Panda Flowerpots by Sway's are going to be out tomorrow for the Fifty Linden Friday sale. I love panda's and I know there are other panda fans who won't want to miss the sale tomorrow!  Not a panda… Continue reading Do They Eat Bamboo Too?


Wishful Thinking

I don't know about you but I can't pass a fountain of any kind without scouring my purse for a coin so that I can make a wish.  I think these kitties are making their own wish...for a seafood dinner.  This lovely pond and iron garden lantern by Myth are a perfect addition to this… Continue reading Wishful Thinking