At Last The House Was Quiet

Featuring Pitaya It's a good thing I love my hubby and have no plans for "doing him in" because I can just see them finding this picture and shouting "PREMEDITATED"!  Some bloggers find their niche in what I call dark photography and happily do it all year long.  I could never do that!  If you… Continue reading At Last The House Was Quiet


Goodbye Norma Jean

Featuring [Aleutia] and Aphrodite Shop I am a fan of piano music, be it classical or modern and I am also an Elton John fan.  When I was around 10, my brother gave me my very first album..yes, vinyl..remember I am...well older, but not old.  Anyway, he gave me the Madman Across the Water album… Continue reading Goodbye Norma Jean

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Christmas Keys

One thing I really love about the Christmas season it the music.  Growing up my mother played her collection of Christmas albums the whole month of December on a floor model record player.  Back then record players were in a large console that was actually what I would consider a piece of furniture. I remember… Continue reading Christmas Keys