Featuring Lyrium Everything starts with a sunrise, but it's what we do before it sets that matters. ~K. Mcgraw Double post today because...well because there is so much to blog and so little time to do it!  March has been a great month, full of so many beautiful creations and we're only half way through. … Continue reading Sunrise


Hurry Home

Featuring MudHoney and [Krescendo] Tick-tock, I'm watching the clock I can't wait til we get to rock I wanna scream and dream and throw a love parade Is that okay? Tonight is me and you alone Won't make a call, won't even write a song See I've been waiting and waiting for the time to… Continue reading Hurry Home

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When Sparks Fly

To my husband in every life, who always holds my hand with purpose! As you fall asleep tonight, imagine that you feel my hand slip into yours; our fingers interlacing so that we can roam together in dreams.  Love transcends the distance between us, for your heart is always close to mine. - J. M.… Continue reading When Sparks Fly