Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Featuring Lucas Lameth Bistro & Gift Boutique I just have two things to say about this photo!  One...how amazing and detailed is this delicious looking food from Lucas Lameth!  Two...who is cooking this in their first life, what is your address and what time should I be there! Clearly this photo is focused on several… Continue reading Eat, Drink & Be Merry


My Perfectly Imperfect Garden

Featuring DaD Virtual Living and Granola Oh, if I had an unlimited supply of money what spaces I would create.  Second Life really inspires ideas that I want to recreate in the real world but alas the US cash doesn't convert at the same rate as Lindens.  Beautiful spaces can be made for those on… Continue reading My Perfectly Imperfect Garden


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Featuring *KATE* Jewelry & Accessories I'm a huge Wizard of Oz fan and when I saw these rainbow socks from *KATE* Jewelry I knew that an OZ picture was coming and this set was SO fun to put together!  These adorable socks are also perfect for Pride Month!  They do come in other colors as well. … Continue reading Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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Evening in a Roman Garden

Something I love about Second Life is the diverse talent of the creators.  You can literally do, see, wear, almost anything.  I love when an item tugs at an artistic string that has gotten tangled with all the other ideas in my head and demands to be freed.  Once upon a time in Second Life… Continue reading Evening in a Roman Garden