When The Sun Goes Down

Featuring Vinyl, CAZIMI, Rise Design and Lyrium Poses Well, I finally did it.  After more than two years I have changed my everyday skin.  Now that is something we can't say in our first lives, isn't it?  I loved my Insol skin but really wanted something that was capable of working with BOM (Baked On… Continue reading When The Sun Goes Down


The Yin To My Yang

mait Featuring DaD Virtual Living, [Krescendo], ZK Store, Lyrium Poses and by Nacht Well, today is the day.  Valentine's day!  We should see a sharp decrease in the amount of red and pink in the Flickr feed.  I mean I love pink...and red...and hearts just as much as the next person but I'm ready to… Continue reading The Yin To My Yang


Let Your Sails Fly!

Featuring ZK Original Fashions and Lyrium So...while I was moving and without internet I missed the 1 year anniversary of my blog.  May 26, 2018 was my first official blog post which you can see here.  Looking back over my posts has been so fun.  I was reminded of clothing and decor I loved, photos… Continue reading Let Your Sails Fly!

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Ocean Breeze

Featuring Juna at Redeux We are seriously considering renting a houseboat this summer and spending at least an extended weekend on the water, cooking on the grill and soaking up the sun.  My uncle lives on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky and it is just beautiful...and has houseboat rentals!  We are moving next month also though...and… Continue reading Ocean Breeze