Sea Green

Featuring Aleutia and Lyrium Sometimes less is more. That is the saying and sometimes it's right. I had some other props in the back of this photo but decided to remove them all and just let the color do all the talking! I played around with the windlight to get something that captured the beautiful… Continue reading Sea Green


Be Mine

Featuring Lyrium, cheezu, Fetch, GOREGLAM and SAYO More goodies from Cupid Inc. today, in fact you can find all but one of my sponsored items there.  I mentioned yesterday that there was SO much cute stuff this round and I am still sifting through all of it, making notes of what things I want to… Continue reading Be Mine


Latte Life

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection Well I did some damage while out shopping in Second Life over the weekend and my new friend tagged along the whole way.  When I stopped for a latte after I think he thought he should have gotten one too. My furry friend is a new animesh release from |T|L|C| and… Continue reading Latte Life

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Featuring [Fetch] and Lyrium Loving these earrings by [Fetch]! If you are feeling that summer itch you need to make sure you grab these.  The Nae earrings are out NOW for the Saturday Sale and the full pack is just 50L.  There are some great shimmering, glittery color options and who doesn't love glitter!! I… Continue reading Seaglass