Beach Walk

Featuring Aleutia and Lyrium There is a definite difference between some shorelines in summer versus fall.  I went looking for a shoreline that gave off a late summer/early fall vibe....something suitable for this new outfit from Aleutia.  The Mousehole worked perfect and I will include the landmark in the credits. The Chloe outfit consists of… Continue reading Beach Walk


The Faint Scent of Autumn Came in on the Breeze

Featuring ionic I am really starting to get excited about Autumn and I can feel the urge to show that in my photos.  I feel like it's still a bit early so I am trying to slowly ease into it with this photo.  In the US pre-Covid, most of the schools in the south would… Continue reading The Faint Scent of Autumn Came in on the Breeze


Life Along The Shore

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection The Sandpiper At the edge of tide He stops to wonder, Races through The lace of thunder. On toothpick legs Swift and brittle, He runs and pipes And his voice is little. But small or not, He has a notion To outshout The Atlantic Ocean. -Frances Frost Credits Decor |T|L|C| Home… Continue reading Life Along The Shore

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Adventure at the Shore

Featuring :: NEWCHURCH :: I'm ready to move in!  I think I may need to recreate this for my main house in Second Life which is on the beach.  I definitely think there is a difference between a house on the beach and a house near the shore.  I think "tropical" when I hear the… Continue reading Adventure at the Shore