Hellfire And Holy Water

Featuring [Aleutia], Zibska, Diversion Poses and Dark Secrets She is both, hellfire and holy water.And the flavor you taste dependson how you treat her. - Sneha Pal - Featuring a bunch more goodies today....Aleutia at Salem and Zibska, Diversion and Dark Secrets at The Liaison Collaborative.  Check the credits for all of the details. Credits… Continue reading Hellfire And Holy Water

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Witch Hunt

Halloween in Second Life is busy, busy, busy!  There are hunts, costume parties, special events, in other words never a shortage of shopping or recreation.  The I Heart the Cart Sale - Welcome to Heck is still going on with lots of cute and affordable Halloween goodies like my "devilish" balloons and my witchy feline… Continue reading Witch Hunt