Linden Lab Headquarters – Space Division

Featuring InsurreKtion and Serenity Style I keep hittingthe space barbut I'm stillon earth. -Unknown My husband has a saying..."better to be lucky than to be good" and in this case I got lucky!  InsurreKtion and Serenity Style released these new items just days apart and they gave me this idea instantly! From Serenity Style we… Continue reading Linden Lab Headquarters – Space Division


Star Stuff

Featuring ionic The NITROGEN in our DNA.The CALCIUM in our teeth.The IRON in our blood.The CARBON in our apple pieswere made in the interiorsof collapsing stars. We are made of STAR STUFF. - Carl Sagan - Today I am featuring the newest gacha collection from ionic.  This is the Interdimensional Gacha and it is available… Continue reading Star Stuff


So Spaced Out

Featuring *SK* "Each of us is a tiny being, permitted to ride on the outermost skin of one of the smaller planets for a few dozen trips around the local star." -Carl Sagan I have said before how I love that *SK*'s creations for We Love Roleplay push me to get creative in a way… Continue reading So Spaced Out

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Galaxy Girl

Featuring MudHoney, [Merak] and Belle Epoque I am feeling a little spacey today...or maybe galactic, out of this world even....something like that anyway!  I blame it on all the great things available at Zodiac Event.  This comeback round is really amazing!  This round doesn't end until April 10th so you still have plenty of time… Continue reading Galaxy Girl


Gravity’s Pull

This was another fun project.  The idea I had in my head vs. the end shot was pretty close to what I had envisioned.  The Infinity set by Sway's is their spotlight item for November so let gravity do its thing and pull you over to Sway's for the sale.  Beginning on the 5th of… Continue reading Gravity’s Pull