Greeting Spring In A Garden

Featuring Serenity Style I love spring anywhere, but if I could chooseI would always greet it in a garden. -Ruth Stout The weather this weekend has been lovely.  I did some yard work, trimmed some trees and am desperately trying to figure out what I want to do with my back patio area.  If only… Continue reading Greeting Spring In A Garden


A Nice Long Soak

Featuring KOPFKINO There must be quite a few thingsthat a hot bath won't cure,but I don't know many of them. - Sylvia Plath Today I am featuring a gorgeous new release from KOPFKINO.  This is the Castamar set, a vintage inspired romantic bathroom.  The set includes the tub, which has new KOPFKINO static poses (male,… Continue reading A Nice Long Soak


Today Is A Good Day

Featuring InsurreKtion and Serenity Style Today IS a good day because I am not working today!  Days off for the win.  Actually I don't mind working at all because it's just part-time and I set my own schedule so I can't complain and love what I do....but it's cold out today so I am happy… Continue reading Today Is A Good Day


Cozy Nook

Featuring Serenity Style and InsurreKtion I've been having a bit of fun in my inventory, mixing and matching things to come up with completely new pieces, one of which made it into this photo.  Can you spot it?  Even though my inventory is completely organized, there are so many things in it that it is… Continue reading Cozy Nook


In The Cold Light Of Day

Featuring DaD Virtual Living, Serenity Style and KOPFKINO Christmas may be over but we have a whole lot of winter left.  Thinking about a title for this photo all I needed to do was look up from my desk and take notice of the sunlight streaming through the window.  It is certainly sunny and bright… Continue reading In The Cold Light Of Day


A Flood of Sunshine

Featuring Granola, DaD Virtual Living and MudHoney The sun shinesnot on usbut in us. - John Muir - Too many pretties to write about without turning it into a novel.  All of the details are in the credits but I do want to point out a couple of things.  The Granola Jade Shelf Collection is… Continue reading A Flood of Sunshine


Happiness is Homemade

Featuring ionic It's time to take off the Covid weight!  The craziness of these past 5 months is showing in places I don't want it to show.  Now I am by no means a skinny minny.  I'm a big girl...tall with a little meat on her bones but I can really feel this extra weight… Continue reading Happiness is Homemade


Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Featuring Granola, |T|L|C| Home Collection, MudHoney and Luc. Boutique Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off and away! You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes You can steer yourself Any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU… Continue reading Oh, the Places You’ll Go!


Happy Easter

Featuring {Old Barn Door} and Luc. Boutique I'm going to keep this short and sweet so we can all celebrate Easter in whichever way we choose or are able.  This cute little Spring Tiered Tray is from {Old Barn Door} and is full of little signs of spring.  The little frame on top has 20… Continue reading Happy Easter

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Featuring {Old Barn Door} The rain seems to be clearing out and today the sun is shining with more to come on Sunday and Monday.  I love the warm snaps of early spring when you can finally open some windows and let some fresh air in. The roof and ceiling damage that I previously wrote… Continue reading A Breath of Fresh Air