Hot Diggity Dog

Featuring {Old Barn Door}, Hilo, alme. and ANDORE Today I am featuring a new release from {Old Barn Door}. This cute Hot Dog Stand Set comes fully loaded and the picnic table and umbrella are included. It dispenses drinks, hot dogs and pretzels all with bento eating and holding animations. It is full of single,… Continue reading Hot Diggity Dog


Extra, Extra…Read All About It!

Featuring Serenity Style I've been busy at work this week and am looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing today.  I have a few photos I want to do while I have ideas in my head and hope to get a couple more of those done today. Today I am featuring a new… Continue reading Extra, Extra…Read All About It!

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Don’t Be A Wanker

Featuring [Fetch] and Fashiowl Poses Life is short...don't spend it being a wanker! My Six Letter Words t-shirt by [Fetch] will be available the 6th - 13th at the main store for Syndicate Sunday.  The fatpack will be on sale for only 69L and it includes 9 word options to suit your mood. My pose… Continue reading Don’t Be A Wanker