A Day At The Beach

Featuring [Fetch] Ready to spend the day at the beach?  Don't forget to pack the essentials! Book?  Check! Tunes?  Check! Drinks?  Check! Sunscreen?  Check! Water toy?  Check! Sunglasses?  Check! If you have everything on the list you're pretty much set!  If you need sunglasses head over to [Fetch]!  You will find loads there!  Pack up… Continue reading A Day At The Beach

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Sunshine Is Our Favorite Accessory

Featuring [Fetch] and Fashiowl Poses Happy sunny Friday!  I have an exciting weekend of packing planned and its going to be hard to stay focused because the weather is going to be beautiful...sunny and mid 70's! My furry little friend and I are enjoying a sunny day in Second Life AND protecting our eyes thanks… Continue reading Sunshine Is Our Favorite Accessory