I Can Haz Seed?

Featuring Sari-Sari and Jian OK...how CUTE are these ferrets!  My niece has 2 years ago and we had such laughs watching them.  One was forever getting her wallet out of her purse and scurrying off with it!  These ones from Jian are a new release for The Fifty and they are just adorable.  The Ferret… Continue reading I Can Haz Seed?


Farmer’s Market

Featuring DaD Virtual Living, Crate and Simply Shelby Let's start with the inspiration for this picture.  It is this beautiful Berkshire Stable from DaD Virtual Living.  Now once upon a time I lived in a converted barn in Second Life and it was one of my favorites so when I saw this I knew I… Continue reading Farmer’s Market


Midwestern Girl

Featuring Fashiowl Poses at Pose Fair This is for all the Midwestern girls.  You can take a girl out of the midwest but you can't take the midwest out of the girl! 💖 I've been around the world and I've heard a lot of songs They sing about women and love that's gone wrong but… Continue reading Midwestern Girl

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G is for Goat

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection Looks like Old MacDonald was late getting breakfast for these goats and they have started without him.  These cute goats are from |T|L|C| Home Collection and are available at the current round of Cosmopolitan.  The Thieves Kid Goats come as a pre-designed display and you also get individual goats, perfect for… Continue reading G is for Goat


Barnyard Puddles

Its been rainy here in the south and I am feeling a change in the winds.  Maybe that's because I know fall is just around the corner and just like things change with the seasons in real life they also change in Second Life.  I am looking forward to all the new fall themed photos… Continue reading Barnyard Puddles