See The World

Featuring .peaches. and {What Next} It is a big and beautiful world.Most of us live and die in the same corner where we were bornand never get to see any of it. I don't want to be most of us. Oberyn MartellGame of Thrones Today my featured items include the Makeshift Suitcase Table & Clutter… Continue reading See The World


Armchair Traveler

Featuring [Krescendo], Sway's and DaD Virtual Living A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your chair. Katrina Mayer Double post today to show off a new release from DaD Virtual Living, a Wanderlust Weekend sale item from Sway's and a great gacha set from Krescendo. This… Continue reading Armchair Traveler


Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Featuring Granola, |T|L|C| Home Collection, MudHoney and Luc. Boutique Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off and away! You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes You can steer yourself Any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU… Continue reading Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

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Back To Santorini

Featuring Meva Santorini is on my bucket list of places I would love to visit.  I think the first time I learned of it was back in 2005 when I watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with my daughter.  All that white and blue...absolutely beautiful. Something else I realized I loved about blogging is the… Continue reading Back To Santorini


A Sea of White and Blue

I had vacation on my mind this morning and ever since I saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants years ago, I have always wanted to go to Greece.  Pictures taken of Santorini, with its cascade of white and blue buildings meeting with the cobalt sea are breathtaking.  This led me to go hunting for a… Continue reading A Sea of White and Blue