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Bad Girls

Featuring Meva, [Fetch] and Lyrium Friday night and the strip is hot Sun’s gone down and they’re about to trot Spirit’s high and legs look hot Do you wanna get down? Now, don’t you ask yourself Who they are? Like everybody else They wanna be a star Bad Girls - Donna Summer Credits What I’m… Continue reading Bad Girls


Let’s Play HORSE

Remember "back in the day" when we were kids and we played OUTSIDE all day?  I remember running out the door right after breakfast, six or so houses down the block to my best friends house.  I would run up on the porch and cup my eyes with my hands and press my face to… Continue reading Let’s Play HORSE



The fun thing about Second Life is being able to do things we might not in our real lives.  I usually stay pretty true to my real life self in the game but wanted to try something a little more daring and I have to say this shoot was a lot of fun.  I was… Continue reading Boundries