Sugar Daddy

Featuring ZK Store and [Krescendo] Looking back on the boys that I dated (Ooh) All the popular boys overrated (Ooh) Give me brains, money bags, if he's ancient I'm a young lady taking donations (Yeah, yeah, yeah) CEO, might take me on trips (On trips) Pack a suit, might have a few ships (Few ships)… Continue reading Sugar Daddy

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Seaside Snooze

The heat index was in the triple digits yesterday...so much for autumn and pumpkin spice lattes.  Lyrium released another 1L freebie and I couldn't resist showing it off.  There are a lot of great poses in the Marketplace that are great for new bloggers looking to build a pose collection.  You can find many that… Continue reading Seaside Snooze


Tropical Glow

While sorting through some items I received from the talented creators that will be part of the Spoonful of Sugar Festival this look just came to life. I turned on my Jamaican steel drum playlist and got into a tropical state of mind. I could see myself wearing this, walking barefoot in the sand on… Continue reading Tropical Glow


When the Wind Blows

A mighty wind blew night and day. It stole the oak tree's leaves away, Then snapped its boughs and pulled its bark Until the oak was tired and stark. But still the oak tree held its ground While other trees fell all around. Attributed to Johnny Ray Ryder {Style & Decor Credits} Featuring PosEd Poses… Continue reading When the Wind Blows


Bumblebee Buzz

Welcome Spring!!  Oh...wait...I'm late for that aren't I?  Well that is one of the good things about Second Life.  You can change the season with just a few clicks of your mouse at any given notice.  I think this tulip chair by Kei Spot is so cute. It comes with 6 texture options and is… Continue reading Bumblebee Buzz


When it rains…

Don't you hate getting caught in the rain.  I was lucky enough to take shelter at an amazing outdoor food vendor here in Kamigami, a part of the Pandora Resort.  I was able to have a snack AND keep my wagasa dry.  Hope you can stay out of the rain today too! {Style Credits}  … Continue reading When it rains…


Everybody’s got a Laughing Place…

Guess where I went today!  That's right....Disneyworld.....the next best thing anyway!  I am a huge Disney fan and have been to the parks many, many times.  When I can't get there in person I can go to one of a few "Disney" themed sims.  This picture was taken at the Magicland Park.  Grab yourself some… Continue reading Everybody’s got a Laughing Place…


Less is more…

Sometimes less is more...and sometimes we just get lucky.  There are shots we take that we fuss with way too long and then sometimes we get one that needs little if any editing.  The above shot was taken at a place I discovered today called Comhar Free Public Photo Studio.  They have all sort of… Continue reading Less is more…