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Let’s Take A Drive

Let's Take A DriveShe’s a little vintage…but she runs good considering her age!  Am I talking about the truck or myself?  Laughs..both!  Loving this new outfit by Meva and it’s only a couple of the pieces that are part of the new gacha set, Nadja, available at The Gacha Garden starting today.  I will include the gacha key below so you can see all of the pieces available.  The jacket and dress come in multiple colors and there are also 2 different styles of shirts, a skirt in multiple colors and a bandana, also available in multiple colors.  Everything matches perfectly for many mix and match combos.  The dress is the Seeds of Inspiration item from the same set.  Lots of goodies this round!  Have fun!

{Style Credits}

Featuring Meva

Meva Nadja Gacha Key.png

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