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Baby Mine

Baby Mine

Well it’s Monday and I am exhausted from spending the weekend moving into our new home.  We moved everything I had packed up and some small furniture pieces and I am starting to pack up the kitchen now.  This will be my last blog post for a couple of weeks as we finish this move and wait for internet to be hooked up at our new house.

Right about now I wish I could curl up in this crib though I am pretty sure I wouldn’t fit.  The Dream Nursery set from Old Barn Door is adorable though and comes with everything you need to make the perfect space for your Second Life family.

Now I am off and back to packing.  See you all very soon!



{Old Barn Door}

Dream Accessories

Dream Balloon

Dream Basket

Dream Books

Dream Bunny

Dream Cabinet

Dream Chair

Dream Clouds

Dream Crib

Dream Essentials Tray

Dream Lamp

Dream Organizer

Dream Pouf

Dream Rug

Dream Shelf

Dream Stand


Relaxed Shades


Smart Toy Giraffe

Smart Toy Horse


Pink Dogwood Vase

Barnesworth Anubis

Monhegan Tiny House


Bette Midler – Baby Mine


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