C’est Magnifique

C'est Magnifique

Featuring MudHoney 

So this great thing happened a couple of days ago!  I got the great news that I was accepted as a blogger for MudHoney.  Talk about excited.  Here is the first, of what is sure to be many, post featuring the beautiful creations from MudHoney.

Looking for a shower that is fun AND beautiful?  Here it is.  The Sloan Shower is packed with animations, both fun and practical.  There are even animations to clean this thing and trust me, it is way easier than cleaning your real shower, as most things are in the virtual world.  Nice romantic poses and great poses for singles too.

Now we all like great animations but we want beauty too.  The Sloan Shower does not disappoint on that front either.  It is highly customizable and in fact includes three huds.  One for the floor and shell, one for the glass and metal and one for the shower walls.  The colors are nice neutrals so they will fit with any decor and then you can finishing decorating with your favorite splash or color like I have done here.  It will also work with modern or vintage decor.  It really is super versatile.

You can find it at FaMESHed X, the quarterly adult from the FaMESHed team.  The event ends on August 14th.




Sloan Shower @ FaMESHed X

Delilah Chair

Delilah Table – Black

Apple Fall

Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace

Cushion – English Garden

West Village Heart Eucalyptus Spray

West Village Magnolia Arrangement

Trompe Loeil

Cabinet Hutch with Sink

Loft & Aria

Oriana Wall Mirror

Oriana Towel Holder

Bottles – Good Sh*t

The Little Branch

Tropical Snow Pink


Spring Crocus Centerpiece


Stillglass Roses


Plant Stand Trio

Fancy Decor

Milneaux Rug


Old Ivy Window


Wine Slushie Tray @ Level


Bubble Magic Gacha – Clay Masks

RE Blueprint Designs

Art Deco Fantail Light *color modified*

Pixel Mode

*Creator Retired*

Amelia – Mirror

Amelia – Perfume Atomizer

Amelia – Perfume Tray

Victoria’s Bath – Soap Basket

Victoria’s Bath – Bath Accessories


C’est magnifique – Ella Fitzgerald

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