Candy Coated

Candy Coated

Featuring PROMAGIC and Lyrium

I am wearing another great outfit from Promagic and it has the cutest name. Kishmish!

I always wonder how creators come up with the names for their items whether it’s clothes, hair or even decor.  I mean if they just named a sofa, “sofa” or a sweater, “sweater”….well, I am sure our inventories would be a nightmare.  I name all of my photos/blog posts and usually something comes to me quick.  Again, I just use word association and see what comes to mind first and go from there.  In this photo is was the colorful eyeshadow that made me think of candy while the top screamed bubble gum and so Candy Coated became the name.  So there you have it!

Back to the point, the outfit is available at Belle Event and my pose is from the Neva Series by Lyrium and is available at the Lyrium main store.  Go get your shop on and happy Saturday!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Eyeshadow – #ADORED – Glittalicious Shadows Pynk Edition

Hair – Doux – Mecca

Top – PROMAGIC – Kishmish Top @ Belle Event

Shorts – PROMAGIC – Kishmish Shorts @ Belle Event


Lyrium – Neva Series #1


Cameo – Candy

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