Hurry Home

Hurry Home

Featuring MudHoney and [Krescendo]

Tick-tock, I’m watching the clock
I can’t wait til we get to rock
I wanna scream and dream and throw a love parade
Is that okay?
Tonight is me and you alone
Won’t make a call, won’t even write a song
See I’ve been waiting and waiting for the time to say
Now listen babe
When you’re down, and it’s hard
And you feel like you’ve given your all
Baby our love will always keep it real and true
‘Cause baby it’s a prime time for our love
Ain’t nobody peekin’ but the stars above
It’s a prime time for our love
And heaven is betting on us

Primetime – Janelle Monáe (ft. Miguel)


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Vel

Lingerie – Ricielli – Geordette Lingerie



Petra Dining Set @ FaMESHed X
*Items sold individually or as a set*
Candles (shown on table)
Tall Glass
Wine Glass
Low Glass


Fancy Divider
Fancy Candle

{What Next} – Palisades Salad Bowl

Apple Fall – Au Pain Sourbread Baguette

ZADIG– City Loft Apartment


Indigo – Female Blogger Pose Pack (Wall Pack)

Hurry Home

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