Sunrise 4K

Featuring Lyrium

Everything starts with a sunrise,
but it’s what we do before
it sets that matters.

~K. Mcgraw

Double post today because…well because there is so much to blog and so little time to do it!  March has been a great month, full of so many beautiful creations and we’re only half way through.  I feel more double posts in my future!  I hope you enjoy this one.

I am featuring another great backdrop from Lyrium.  The Through Glass backdrop comes in several versions, Dawn, Dusk and Midnight as well as bonus designs in the fatpack.  There is a also a matching pose series designed to work with the backdrop.  The poses and backdrop are sold separately and are available at Equal10.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Kathleen

Lingerie – Ricielli– Araceli Outfit


Lyrium Poses – Through Glass Backdrop – Fatpack Exclusive @ Equal10


Lyrium Poses– Through Glass – Pose 1.1 @ Equal10

Sunrise 4K

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