Roam If You Want To

Roam If You Want To 4k

Featuring *SK*

Hopefully you are doing your part and staying home and staying safe.  I am a bit of a homebody to begin with so it hasn’t been hard for me at all and of course I can still get out in the virtual world and explore to my heart’s content….or as the B-52’s said “Roam if you want to…..Without wings, without wheels.”

If you are looking for new places to explore I can give you a few tips.  There is always the official Second Life Destination Guide and there is the photogenic sim list put together by Blogger & Vlogger Network.  Something I also do often is search through my Flickr groups.  Just do a search by group using the search phrase “SLURL” and you should get a list of groups that require the photos to include a SLURL.  Browse the photos and then whisk yourself off to explore when you see something you like.  Easy peasy!

I am wearing a super chic yet comfy dress from *SK*.  Patricia comes in 16 gorgeous colors and each one includes 2 different styles of belts and is currently available at Tres Chic.  Tres Chic ends on April 10th so head over and try a demo and then pick your favorite color or colors…or even the fatpack.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth  – Taren

Dress – *SK* – Patricia @ Tres Chic

Necklace – KUNGLERS – Aisha Necklace

Bag – A N E – Chicago Bag

Drink – Junk Food – Horizon Tea Mango


INDIGO– Female Blogger Pack – Stand #8 (hand position modified by drink)


Little World


The B-52’s – Roam

Roam If You Want To 4k


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