Bamboo Breezes

Bamboo Breezes 4K

Featuring Luc. Boutique and DaD Virtual Living

Ok…I am SO in love with this scene..and how could I not be!?  Just look at these beautiful creations!  The hanging orchid and sprigs from Luc. Boutique are now the most favorite hanging plant in my inventory.  I had the idea of mixing items from these two creators and what I had envisioned in my head is pretty much exactly how the scene turned out for the photo.

I am just really thankful and feel incredibly lucky to be on these blogging teams.  If you haven’t been to the little hidden gem that is Luc. Boutique’s main store you really have to go look.  Everything is so beautiful and so original and of course DaD Virtual Living’s creations are must haves.  The textures and details are just so gorgeous.  You really must see all of this in person.  Just beautiful!

Today I am blogging a mix of beautiful pieces from Luc. Boutique….from the hanging plants to the grapefruit juice server to the driftwood candleholder.  All of them are available at the main store which is definitely worth the visit to look at all of the shiny shinys!  Check the credits for the full list!

From DaD Virtual Living, I am featuring the BoraBora Lounge Set.  The pieces can be purchased individually or as a full set.  The full set consists of the lounger in your choice of PG or Adult, the tent and the pineapple basket and string light in bamboo and gold.  This set was designed to go with the BoraBora Beach Set and it does so perfectly!  You can find the BoraBora Lounge Set at Anthem.  Enjoy!



Luc. Boutique

Freyja’s Glow, Driftwood Candleholder
Grey Mist Rug
Celebration Grapefruit Juice Bowl (BENTO Server)
Celebration Grapefruit Juice, Single V1
Celebration Grapefruit Juice, Single V2
Kokedama, Hanging Orchid
Kokedama, Hanging Sprigs with Flower
Kokedama, Lucky Plant
Kokedama, Palm Leaf Plant
Kokedama, Unusual Growth

DaD Virtual Living @ Anthem

 BoraBora Lounger
BoraBora Tent
Pineapple Basket Bamboo
Pineapple Basket Gold
Pineapple Light String Bamboo
Pineapple Light String Gold

Simply Shelby – Bamboo Wall for Borders

Studio Skye

Beach Dune
Skye Wild Grass Type 1 Lush

Scarlet Creative  – Jenna Gazebo


Driftwood Ibiza Set – Coffee Table (modified)
Driftwood Ibiza Set – Tables

Bamboo Breezes 4K

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