Supernatural Delight

Supernatural Delight 4K

Featuring [Krescendo] and MudHoney

Advice from the Moon

Live life to the fullest
Be someone to look up to
Don’t be phased by difficulties
Take time to reflect
Enjoy a little space
Honor the cycles of nature
Light up the night!

Today I am blogging the new gacha from Krescendo.  The Celestial gacha is available at The Epiphany which is open now through August 12th.  The Celestial gacha features 17 commons and two rares.  No need to worry about doubles either.  Turn them in for points which you can then spend on an exclusive piece.  Have fun and good luck!

I am also featuring another Photo Room from MudHoney with some throw pillows thrown in for good measure!  This one is from the Classic set and is the second gacha set (that I know of) of Photo Room’s MudHoney has done.  Each includes a hud to change the colors of the walls, floors, windows and trim.  These are great for your decor photos when you don’t need a whole house.  Great for small spaces and a super way to keep prim count low while blogging!  You can find the photo room gachas at the main store.



[Krescendo]  @ The Epiphany

[Kres] Celestial – Candle
[Kres] Celestial – Exclusive
[Kres] Celestial – Frames – Astro
[Kres] Celestial – Frames – Moon
[Kres] Celestial – Frames – Woman
[Kres] Celestial – Glass Star
[Kres] Celestial – Globe
[Kres] Celestial – Incense
[Kres] Celestial – Jewelery Catchall
[Kres] Celestial – Mirror
[Kres] Celestial – Mug & Books
[Kres] Celestial – Potted Plant 1
[Kres] Celestial – Potted Plant 2
[Kres] Celestial – Potted Plant 3
[Kres] Celestial – Pouffe – RARE
[Kres] Celestial – Rug
[Kres] Celestial – Shelf
[Kres] Celestial – Sofa – RARE
[Kres] Celestial – Stardust Sign
[Kres] Celestial – Tables


Classic Photo Room 2
Throw Pillow Gold Chevron
Throw Pillow Gold Edge


+Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Moon (Gold)
+Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Star Standing (Purple)

Refuge – LC Moon Dust

Cheeky Pea – Draped Curtain – Stars

Heart Garden Center – Hollyhocks


Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight

Supernatural Delight 4K

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